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Our clients are the focus of our company and each market is unique due to the differences in people, culture and distinctive lifestyle. We concentrate our efforts in providing for both the local as well as overseas markets, especially South East Asian countries.

We strive to develop the best customised solutions for each market by conducting intensive research on each market’s special needs and requirements.


Our staff is our company’s best resources, the pillar of our company. They are the ones who define us and effectively deliver our promises to our clients.

We at EISB, pride ourselves with our highly qualified and competent team of skilled individuals that include paper designers, marketing personnel, procurement personnel, production planners, quality assurance personnel, accountants, production operators and transport drivers who possess adequate education, training and experience in their chosen fields.

Dedicated top management individuals lead our team.

Khor Hang Teng, 60


As the Executive Director of EISB, this dynamic individual is in charge of devising strategies and formulating policies to ensure the operational success of the company. He is no stranger to the industry with more than 30 years experience in manufacturing, importing, exporting, transporting and distributing of wood panels, basic commodities, sawn timber and veneer.

He believes in giving back to the community and contributes his effort and time by being actively involved in politics as the Vice Chairman of Kampung Selamat Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). He has also held the position of the divisional committee member of Kepala Batas MCA. He currently holds the position as the Executive Director in a related company.


Ong Kong Nooi, 53


An equally dynamic individual, Ong has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and determines the direction of the company as Executive Director alongside Khor Hang Teng.

She also believes in doing her part for the country and community by being actively involved in politics as the Chairman of MCA Wanita Kampung Selamat branch.


Khor Kang Yang, 26


This young and dynamic individual is set to take EISB to new heights as the Sales and Marketing Manager of the company. With 10 years of working experience, he brings to the industry a fresh, new and vibrant outlook that will contribute towards the expansion of the business.

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